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SoulcoreMC Season 1 - Changelog
 Jiffs •   24 days ago •  48

SoulcoreMC Season 1 - Changelog



• SEASON 1 SPAWN We have a brand new spawn for Season 1, it has much of the same features as the BETA spawn and plenty more! There is also a special Top List room that visually shows the Top 10 players of every top list. You can also view the previous Top Monthly Voters in their live form!


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Changelog #6 - 4/30/2021
 Jiffs •   3 months ago •  110

Changelog #6 -  (4/30/2021)

 ●  Player Owned Shop Re Work, Core Credits & Fortune Teller

       • Player Owned Shops now have a Offers & Tokens as a payment option.

             • You can set an offer by opening your shop and dragging and item on to the "Add Offer". The dragged item is what you're wanting to buy for the price you set.


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Changelog #5 - 4/28/2021
 Jiffs •   3 months ago •  102

Changelog #5 -  (4/28/2021)

I planned on releasing the ability to grow crops while logged out or away from your plot, but ran into some extra bugs. So with that being said I'm gonna release what I have as of now and the next update will hopefully include it.

 ●  Coin Flip & Keystorm Buff

       • Coin Flip is a new feature where you can gamble tokens/money with players.

             • Start by typing /coinflip in-game to learn more.

       • Keystorm now has a max level of 10.

             • Each level increases...

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Changelog #4 - (4/25/2021)
 Jiffs •   3 months ago •  97

Changelog #4 -  (4/25/2021)

This update is just some bug fixes and small additions while I work on larger projects. The Player Owned Shops will get a re-work to implement offers & tokens as currency, and the gangs will have additional features added during the week. I'm also slowly preparing the server for Season 1 which is why this update includes depreciating /betarewards, to officially make the Beta backpacks Limited Edition.

 ●  Charm Re-Roll Buff, Beta Rewards, New Vote Link

       • Charm Re-Ro...

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Changelog #3 - (4/24/2021)
 Jiffs •   3 months ago •  128

Changelog #3 - 4/24/2021


       • All Mastery Scrolls now work and will provide details about them by Right-Clicking while holding them.

             • All masteries have a 30 Minute Cooldown and last for 5 Minutes.

             • Mastery ...

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