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Allowed Modifications

SoulcoreMC - Allowed & Disallowed Modifications
Last Updated: November 12th, 2021

Disallowed Modifications

While we do not provide a complete list of disallowed client modifications, if your client falls under one of these actions then it is disallowed which means it cannot be used to play on our server. The following is prohibited but is not limited to:

  • Clients which automatically move, mine, click, and/or interact with the game.

  • Clients which provide speed, flight, and/or phasing.

  • Clients which provide PvP mods like Kill Aura, Aimbot, Criticals, Velocity and/or Auto-Clicking.

  • Clients which provide means to exploit, dupe, bug and/or crash the server.

  • Clients which attempt to alter the natural way they interact with Minecraft, our server and other players.


Allowed Client Modifications

While playing SoulcoreMC we understand client modifications can be a part of your gameplay experience so here is a list of some popular mods that you’re allowed to use. If something is not on this list it probably is not allowed, feel free to contact staff on our Discord if you have any further questions.

  • Auto-Reconnect

  • Forge

  • ArmorStatusHUD

  • DirectionHUD

  • StatusEffectHUD

  • OptiFine

  • ToggleSneak

  • Shaders

  • 5zig

  • Replay Mod

  • LabyMod

  • Minecraft Capes

If your client modifications are not shown here then they are not allowed. If you would like a legitimate modification added to this list, please make a suggestion on our Discord in the #general-suggestions channel.