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SoulcoreMC Season 3 Changelog
Jiffs Owner
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9 months ago


Season 3
is here! The server has had a reset and a revamp of certain features, read below for more information.

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1.16 Server Version • We have officially switched to 1.16.5 from 1.15.2 as our base server version. This was a large task but opens up lots of doors for new additions in the future, be sure to keep an eye out on those!

Private Mines
• Private Mines had a complete revamp, you now level your mine with XP gaining while mining. As your progress you upgrade your mine and unlock new block upgrades to customize the look of your mine! Now supporting 1.16 blocks like Blackstone & Netherite.


Backpacks • Most of the code for our backpacks plugin was completely re-written, you may notice some new features and way faster speeds while opening keys!


Balance Changes • Most things that were insanely OP or insanely underwhelming in season 2 have been balanced and made sure you receive the correct amount rewards to keep you going throughout your gameplay.


New Rankups • We're taking ranking up and prestiging into a different direction: You now start at Rank 1 and at Rank 100 you can begin prestiging as usual. However, you will now receive a percentage of your next rankup from most crate/box rewards in-game! This makes sure you're always getting something you need as a reward.


New Task System • We now have a brand new task system that allows you to complete Daily & Weekly tasks! These will reset per player and allows you to work on these on your own time. Goodluck!

Bug Fixes/Changes

• Fixed a bug with buffs miscalculating.

• Ranks below Soul now get more keys.

• Buffed all vote rewards, added better rewards & lowered a few chances in /voterewards

• Revamped perks to be better balanced with the new eco.

View the full changelog on our Discord

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