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IGN: Jiffs
6 months ago

Changelog #3 - 4/24/2021


       • All Mastery Scrolls now work and will provide details about them by Right-Clicking while holding them.

             • All masteries have a 30 Minute Cooldown and last for 5 Minutes.

             • Mastery abilities & passives do NOT work while Auto-Mining.

             • You will not be able to enter the Auto-Miner with an active Mastery ability.

             • You can add a Mastery Scroll to your pick after it reaches Level 1,500


       • Vote Rewards & Vote Parties have been significantly buffed

       • Only ranks that were purchased from the store will be permanent.

             • Rank vouchers will NOT be kept on new seasons.

       • Cores in the PvP mine have been buffed.

             • You have the chance of finding T1 - T3 Charms.

             • The token rewards will give you an amount between 500,000 & 2,250,00

Additions & Bug Fixes

       • Charm Re-Roll's properly state they roll the buff type AND percentage.

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IGN: KadTheBandit
6 months ago

These updates seem really cool!

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