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Changelog #6 - 4/30/2021
Jiffs Owner
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IGN: Jiffs
about 1 year ago

Changelog #6 -  (4/30/2021)

 ●  Player Owned Shop Re Work, Core Credits & Fortune Teller

       • Player Owned Shops now have a Offers & Tokens as a payment option.

             • You can set an offer by opening your shop and dragging and item on to the "Add Offer". The dragged item is what you're wanting to buy for the price you set.

       • Core Credits is a new way spend real money inside the game. You can purchase credits in the store/redeem a gift card and spend them in the in-game store (/buy)

       • The Fortune Teller now has an "Open All" option (Shift-click). This will just skip the fancy animations and give you the reward. This also works with any ticket amount.

       • A few new settings were added into /settings.

             • CoreBomb Proc - Disables the chance of CoreBomb procing.

             • Chat Mentions - Disables the sound effect when being mentioned in chat, an "@" will still appear next to your name.

 ●  Changes

       • Mystery Box token rewards were increased a bit to match the eco.

 ●  Additions & Bug Fixes

       • You will now be teleported back to the warp platform when the Soulcore Mine resets.

       • Disabling fly when teleporting to /warp pvp properly works.

       • /topvotes will reset on the 1st of every month at 12 AM EST.