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Season 4 has arrived. A new beginning with many fresh and custom features.


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Gang Re-Work • Gang members will randomly find T1 Unknown Relics while mining (1/100k). Combine Relics of the same tier with each other to upgrade them to the next tier in the Relic Storage menu.

Gang Relic BuffsGang Relics hold buffs that are applied to ALL gang members!

- Siphon: Chance to instantly stash all crops to the gang stash while harvesting.

- Crop Crazy: Chance to obtain Extra Crops equivalent to relic's tier from harvesting.

- Keystorm: Increase the amount of keys your gang receives auto-mining.

- Soulfinder: Increase the amount of souls your gang receives when soulfinder procs.

- Wealth Collector: Increase the amount of gang wealth & shards your gang receives mining.

- Token, Sell or XP Buff: Increase the amount of tokens, money or xp your gang receives from mining.

Player Owned Shop Re-Work • Player Owned Shops have been revamped to a more user-friendly and intuitive system that improves the fluidity of your gameplay.

- Collection System: Holds all items received from POS (45 unique item slots). This also holds all currency you obtain while offline.

- Added POS settings to toggle messages for buying/selling items & collection reminders.

- Re-worked the GUIs for better performance. - Made Buy & Sell listings much clearer.

Charm Re-Roll Re-Work • Charm Re-Rolls are now stored virtually inside the new Re-Roll GUI. This change has allowed us to better fit the economy and make it more fair and rewarding for everyone.

- Charm Re-Rolls are now stored virtually, you can view your balance in the charm menu anytime.

- Charm Re-Rolls cannot be withdrawn or sold/traded to players anymore; Re-Rolls are more common in reward tables to balance this change.

- Added better support for re-rolling charms, you can now shift-click a charm in your pick menu to re-roll it instead of having to remove it.

- Added the ability to re-roll a charm in quantities, max 64 times at once.

New Soul+ Rank • Soul+ is our new exclusive rank which will only be available on the store or with credits, it will be our last and final rank and will have new perks regularly added to it!

- Charm Condenser (/condense) to condense charms & dust in to their highest tier!

- 5 custom and exclusive trails (/trails)

- Auto-Stash all multipliers!

- And more! Purchase this rank at store.soulcoremc.net.

SoulcoreMC Content Creators • SoulcoreMC is looking for content creators to help us expand and reach a multitude of audiences. We created this server in order for players, just like you, to escape reality. With your help, we can take this server to the next level and reach all players and provide them with a fun experience.

- Access to all rank perks from Gold - Soul.

- Access to /broadcast in-game.

- Access to #soulcore-media channel to post new uploads/streams.

- Access to exclusive trails and cosmetics.

Apply to become a content creator here.


[+] Added the Soul+ rank now available at https://store.soulcoremc.net/ and /store in-game. This rank will have new perks regularly added.

[+] Added Global Token Multipliers for purchase on the store or with credits in-game.

[+] Revamped Permanent Multipliers - Purchasing a x5 Personal Multiplier will add +x5 to the tier, you can buy up to x10.

[+] Revamped the main website at https://soulcoremc.net/, we'll be updating change logs & news here regularly!

[+] Backpacks have been revamped with a new Ultra Rare Rarity: These filter out any key you don't want! (All paid versions of backpacks are now Ultra Rare)

[+] Revamped Supplier: You now receive Supply Crates when mining which can be opened in /supplycrates. Every 25 levels makes it easier to find Supply Crates.

[+] The Black Market will now cycle automatically new items every week. A reset timer is visible inside the Black Market shop.

[+] Added /condense to condense charms & dust in to their highest tier!

[+] Added 5 new Wings style trails for Soul+ rank.

[+] Added Content Creator/Partner ranks! Apply at https://soulcoremc.net/creators

[+] Added complete /lootbag support so you never lose your items!

[+] Added Lucky 25 to starter pickaxes.

[+] Increased Base XP for next pickaxe level. 15,000 -> 30,000

[+] Slightly increased proc chance for: Soulcharge & Tokenblast

[+] Decreased enchantment base cost for: Virtuous, Caregiver & Booster

[+] The Charmed enchantment will now affect Soul Perks.

[+] Increased Core Dust received from beacons in the PvP Mine.

[+] Balanced all armor base buffs to fit upcoming new armor sets.

[+] Reworked chat and fixed various bugs.

[+] Revamped all prefix tag editors. (edited)

[+] Decreased max Charm Slots to 4

[+] Changed the Key All timer to every 4 hours.

[+] Revised Rule #8 Boosting to better explain what is allowed and isn't. https://soulcoremc.net/rules

[+] Revised Staff Applications

[+] A ton of bug & performances fixes.

[-] Increased enchantment base cost for: Keystorm, Supplier, Wisdom, Soulfinder, Soulcharge & Tokenblast

[-] Made Mystery Boxes & Monthly Crates rarer from crates.

[-] Changed Top Blocks Weekly 1st place payout rewards to: 25 Credits

[-] Changed the Topaz Gem's buff from Core Dust to Contraband.

[-] Slightly decreased enchantment proc chance for: Charmed, Supplier, Merchant & Soulfinder

[-] Decreased the Rankup Boosts everywhere.

[-] Removed useless items from the Soul Shop.


SoulcoreMC Season 4 - Changelog 7 months ago