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SoulcoreMC Rules - Season 4
Last Updated: February 5th, 2022


While playing on SoulcoreMC you must adhere to a list of rules. All rules stated below are not limited to their exact description, staff may punish you based on past offenses or the severity of the current offense. 


If you feel our staff have made a mistake on your punishment you may open a ticket on our Discord to appeal.

  • Clients, Macros & Modifications: Most of these are strictly prohibited however you may see a list of allowed modifications here: Allowed Modifications or below this list.

  • Chat Offenses: We like to keep the chat clean, so any type of disrespect towards player’s that is more than friendly banter is prohibited. Additionally, you may not accuse player’s of cheating, you should report all cheaters to staff directly either through a ticket or in-game private messages. You also must use English inside of the main game chat and discord, this is to make sure our staff can properly help and/or moderate.

  • Discrimination, Racism & Harrasment: These type of offenses will not be tolerated in chat or anywhere on our game/discord. You must follow these in all types of private messages including gang chat within the game.

  • Alt Accounts/Account Sharing: We have an alt-blocker set in place, however any means of bypassing this system is not allowed. Sharing an account with a relative, friend or another player is strictly prohibited. Multiple accounts on one IP address will need to be whitelisted by staff to allow access, this is only for reasons such as you have a relative playing with you on the same IP.

  • Advertising: Advertising a server/discord/platform or anything unrelated to SoulcoreMC is strictly prohibited. Additionally, any link that is posted in chat which is not referring to a website and/or service of SoulcoreMC will be treated as such.

  • Scamming: Scamming players for any item, currency and/or service is not allowed. As a note to player’s who may be scammed; We as staff may not always be fully able to return scammed items, in this case the scammer will always receive a long-term punishment.

  • Item/Currency Exchanges and Trades: Exchanging/trading any form of currency, item and/or service for other currencies, items or services outside of SoulcoreMC and vice versa, will not be tolerated. For example, if you wanted to trade SoulcoreMC Credits in exchange for IRL Money and/or items from another server or game this would not be allowed. You must only trade with items inside the SoulcoreMC server.

  • Boosting: Boosting a player with items and/or currency in which would result in an unfair competition is strictly prohibited.

    Below is a list of PROHIBITED boosting scenarios:
    - Giving player's items/currency in which, you do not receive an item/currency in return of similar or equal value.
    - Giving new player's items/currency to help them out.

    - Paying player’s money to rankup in exchange for their prestige keys.
    - Using an alt account to boost your private mine, gang and/or main account in any form.

    - Selling/buying items or currency to friends, gang members or other players for an unreasonably high price.
    - Selling/buying items or currency at unreasonably low prices.
    Using re-rolls on another player’s charm in exchange for any type of item/currency, in-game or not.
    Using multiple accounts to claim sync rewards/discord booster rewards.
    - Using /giveaway to knowingly boost specific players on the server. The /giveaway command used to give items to random players is the correct use of the command.

  • Bug Abuse/Server Integrity: Using any form of exploitation or bug that may damage the infrastructure, competition or morale of SoulcoreMC or our community. This includes but is not limited to: Bugs/Exploits, DDoS attacks, Doxing, Bot attacks or Network/plugin exploitation.

  • Inappropriate Names/Skins: You cannot play using inappropriate skins/names, failure to change your name will result in a temp ban until the name is confirmed changed. This includes posting [item] in chat with an explicit name, you will be offered a Rename Token to change the name if asked by staff

Disallowed Modifications

While we do not provide a complete list of disallowed client modifications, if your client falls under one of these actions then it is disallowed which means it cannot be used to play on our server. The following is prohibited but is not limited to:

  • Clients which automatically move, mine, click, and/or interact with the game.

  • Clients which provide speed, flight, and/or phasing.

  • Clients which provide PvP mods like Kill Aura, Aimbot, Criticals, Velocity and/or Auto-Clicking.

  • Clients which provide means to exploit, dupe, bug and/or crash the server.

  • Clients which attempt to alter the natural way they interact with Minecraft, our server and other players.


Allowed Client Modifications

While playing SoulcoreMC we understand client modifications can be a part of your gameplay experience so here is a list of some popular mods that you’re allowed to use. If something is not on this list it probably is not allowed, feel free to contact staff on our Discord if you have any further questions.

  • Auto-Reconnect

  • Forge

  • ArmorStatusHUD

  • DirectionHUD

  • StatusEffectHUD

  • OptiFine

  • ToggleSneak

  • Shaders

  • 5zig

  • Replay Mod

  • LabyMod

  • Minecraft Capes

If your client modifications are not shown here, then they are not allowed. If you would like a legitimate modification added to this list, please make a suggestion on our Discord in the #general-suggestions channel.

Are we missing any other information you would like to see on this list? Please post a suggestion or open a ticket on our Discord and we’ll be sure to take a look and consider it.