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Store FAQ

SoulcoreMC Store FAQ

Have a question about your purchase? It most likely can be answered below. If you did not find a solution on this page you can contact us at SoulcoreMC@gmail.com or send a ticket in our Discord.


What is the age required to donate?

Donating requires you to have parental/guardian consent if you're under 18. Do NOT use any credit cards/payment gateways that you do not have full permission to use, by doing so you risk your account being permanently terminated if the purchase is refunded.


How long does it take for purchases to process?

Payments can take between 5-15 minutes to complete, 

After which you will receive your rank/items in-game!


I didn't get my rank/item but my payment was processed?

If you have waited more than 25 minutes and still have not received your rank/item,

please contact us at Discord to resolve your issue quickly!


Will I keep my purchased rank/items on season resets?

If you purchased a rank then you will keep it forever no matter what. For other items, unless stated when purchased they will be cleared on season resets. The following items are KEPT on resets: Ranks, Seasonal/Special Edition Backpacks, & Perm Multipliers


How can I claim/spend my in-game Gift Card(s)?

If you won or received a Gift Card in-game, you can claim it by holding it and Shift-Clicking.

You can then spend your credit in the virtual in-game store (/buy)


Can I purchase an account Un-Ban?

You cannot purchase account un-bans . This is due to the fact that we take bans very seriously, you will only be banned if you severely break the rules. If you have been banned, submit an appeal at our Appeals section on our forums and wait for our staff to review your submission.


What is the policy on refunds & chargebacks?

We do not offer refunds on any rank/item purchased in our store. This is because digital items cannot be removed from the game and have most likely made their way into the economy. Chargebacks will result in permanent termination from our servers.